About Carol Tenney - Filmmaker, Writer, Director

Carol grew up like an “Army Brat” – five cities before she graduated high school. Then she went to the “Ernest Hemmingway School of Writing” – moving to exotic locales, typing her stories on an old manual typewriter she bought at a pawnshop in Key West.

Carol finally settled down long enough to attend the University of Arizona in Tucson where she made lots of films (a couple of them pretty good) and printed hundreds of photographs (some of them were pretty good, too.)

As an aspiring filmmaker in Tucson, Carol could have easily moved to Los Angeles, but instead she moved to New York City where she wrote stage plays that were pretty good but what she really did was fall in love with NYC and went to plays and movies and museums and took classes and went to seminars – her favorite: the genteel Southern playwright Horton Foote and very profane David Mamet at the famous 92nd Street Y. Two great – but very different – writers talking about their careers and craft.

In New York Carol got the bright idea to go to law school. Wow! What a ridiculous thing to do. But she became a lawyer. In three states. While she was in law school she kept writing screenplays. (Maybe that explains her grade in Civil Procedure?)

Three years out of law school Carol realized that if she didn’t move to Los Angeles she would never be a filmmaker, so she turned her back on the law (the law doesn’t like when you do that) and moved to Los Angeles where she worked in the law and wrote scripts in the mornings and evenings and ended up writing two episodes of “7th Heaven.” TV Guide even highlighted her “Twelve Angry People” episode the week it aired.

Then the Great Recession hit and Carol, like a lot of people in LA, had to scramble to make ends meet. It was at that moment that Carol made one of her best decisions – to enroll in the UCLA Extension Filmmaking Program. Carol made eleven films in a year and a half and realized that digital filmmaking and the Internet had changed everything. She was off and running and she hasn’t stopped yet.

It’s not easy to get a web series off the ground while working a “day job” like being an attorney. Maybe that’s why it’s taken three + years, but with the incredible support of OARS in Angel’s Camp, California, the result is the “Guide School” sizzle reel. Everyone involved in the project is excited to film the pilot in Spring 2015.

Carol’s plans to make “Guide School” interactive in a way that’s never been done. And she’s got two more projects in development. “Century City,” will give her the chance to tell you – all of you – what it’s really like to be a lawyer. Spoiler Alert: It’s not like it looks on TV. “Century City” will also show sides of Los Angeles that you’ve never seen on TV or in the movies. After that comes “Black Mesa,” set in the beautiful and breathtaking Navajo Nation, a place Carol got to know when she was living at the Grand Canyon.

So Stay Tuned!