The Chapel

Ever been in a hospital chapel? In this film we meet three people – two are strangers and two are brother and sister. All of them have a family member in the hospital. But that doesn’t mean they all react the same way. A person’s true character comes out when they’re facing life and death.
For better, and sometimes for worse, I’ve been a writer and filmmaker since I was eight years old – the year I learned to write. I wrote my first two stories that year. And I just knew I was a writer. In high school I started directing. In college, I made short films. Check out “My Bug” – that’s me and my old VW Beetle, and sometimes I really did have to start it with a screwdriver.

I’ve loved movies my whole life. But when I was eight years old I never imagined the opportunity the Internet would offer me. I hope you like my films. And I hope you keep coming back! We’ve got three web series in the works. “Guide School” is the first one. Next comes “Century City.” And finally, “Black Mesa.” Stick with me and I’ll take you whitewater rafting, into the courtrooms and parking garages of Los Angeles, and into Northern Arizona where the stars are so thick at night they practically knock you down. Thanks for visiting. See you downstream!

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